This Guide Will Help You Nail Your Flooring Installation

Now let’s get into the details of pacific floor covering. Imagine that you have finally decided to get rid of the old carpet, or linoleum, that has been around since the Disco era. This is a very exciting time! It’s exciting times!

First of all, selecting your new floor doesn’t work like choosing a box cereal from the store. No, choosing your new floor is more like selecting a pet. Choose the gorgeous but high-maintenance hardwood flooring that requires just the right amount TLC. You might be considering tile for its durability against splashes and spills in the kitchen. And let’s not forget about laminate or vinyl; they’re like the loyal dogs of flooring–hardworking and forgiving if you occasionally neglect them.

Next, you will need to install your chosen floor. You are a DIY master, able to handle any YouTube tutorial. Hats off! Your new mantra is to cut only once after measuring twice. Imagine cutting the planks of your floor too short. You’ll end up with a patchwork.

If DIY sounds as attractive as a root-canal without anesthesia, then hiring professionals is not something to be ashamed about. It’s like having your own fairy godmother–except they don’t use a wand but rather tools and experience. Be sure to communicate clearly what you need or you could end up getting something that is lost in translation.

It’s the prep work that makes things real. While it’s not glamorous, skipping this step is like painting over wallpaper in hopes of the best. The removal of old flooring may reveal some surprises (and they are not fun ones). Perhaps it’s the uneven surfaces which can play havoc with your furniture, or even remnants of ancient civilisations (or maybe just old tiles).

If you’re working alone or if you’re supervising (no judgement here), patience will be key. Each plank you lay down is another piece in an epic puzzle, one that doesn’t have a picture on the box.

Maintenance becomes your new passion after all of that blood, sweat and tears. In this case, there are different cleans that work for different situations. While tiles may be plagued by grout, hardwoods might require a special cleaner.

We will end this short discussion (because, who needs formal conclusion anyway? Jumping into flooring installation can be likened to deciding to make a gourmet meal from scratch, when all you know how to do is toast. It is challenging but oh so rewarding when you take those first steps on floors that completely transform your space.

The blood (hopefully figurative), sweat (definitely a real thing), and tears (oh, there will be tears!) were all worth it.

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