Sandy Carpets: The Story of Cleaning and Environmentally Conscious Living on Northern Beaches

Oh the Northern Beaches. There’s a place with sand everywhere. Your shoes, your bag, and your carpet can all be found covered in sand. While living in the city is akin to a perpetual vacation, keeping your house clean can feel like brushing sand out of your socks before bed. Spoiler: there is


The carpet-cleaning industry in this area is not about vanity, or even removing wine stains from the last Friday get-together. This is more of a survival issue. It’s more about survival.

The first thing you may think to do is grab a bucket filled with warm soapy tap water, and try it. Stop right there. You’re using the equivalent of a tablespoon to bail water out of a sinking vessel. This analogy is based on professional carpet cleaning services. These cleaners come with all kinds of gadgets which will leave your carpets looking as if they had just returned home from a relaxing spa.

The choice between dry and steam cleaning is similar to choosing between an iced or gelato treat on a very hot day. Steam cleaning is powerful – it’s like a Mariana Trench of power – and perfect for the ingrained beach lifestyle that you can’t seem to shake. When you need things to be done quickly, dry cleaning is the way to go.

It gets more interesting, though. Beach-goers like us care as much about Mother Nature as we do about a delicious barbecue. Finding services that are eco-friendly is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. We can clean our carpets without harming the Earth.

You can find it frustrating to try to clean stubborn stains yourself. Sometimes, it is best to give up and call on the cavalry. You’ve probably seen them all. They have dealt with red wine, dog accidents and even mysterious spots.

A freshly-cleaned carpet can also do wonders for the atmosphere of your home. The first plunge into a hot ocean is refreshing. Also, you can relax in peace knowing that months of dirt have not been accumulating. Priceless.

As a conclusion, because every good story requires one (because it’s a must), living at the Northern Beaches involves embracing everything including the struggle against sandy carpets. You need not be concerned! But fear not!

Remember this the next time you clean your carpets. Cleaning them is a form of self-love for yourself, and even more so for our environment. Who knows what the future holds? We may one day figure out how we can keep the sand at the beach.

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