How To Select A Leather Vest For A Motorcycle That Shouts

Let’s not waste any time. You came to this page because you are looking for the facts about the best leather jacket without any fancy words. I get it. You aren’t looking for just a vest. It’s important to find something that screams “you”, a vest that fits like it has been custom-made. Be prepared to embark on a journey.

First, let’s talk about the quality of leather. Imagine two vests seated next to each other. One vest is worn and veteran. It has a long history of rides. The one vest looks old and dignified. While the other might cry if caught by a light drizzle. Which will you choose? Congratulations! Congratulations!

Now it gets really hot. Imagine someone who works in their shop with tools handed down by generations, pouring all their love into every stitch. That’s what we want. We can manufacture vests with machines faster than we say “leather”, yet where is passion in that? You can’t beat hand-stitched for telling a story with your gear.

The next step is customization. Why blend when your purpose was to stand out? Imagine being in a pub, and finding three guys wearing identical vests. Would this be awkward? You can make the vest your own by adding patches or different colors. Or even fringes, if that’s what you prefer.

Do not forget to stay cooled, even if your goal is to look cool. Have you driven through Death Valley at summertime? I really hope so. You can visit if adventurous. You should make sure that the vest does not become a hot sauna. Vents are a great way to let your skin breathe while still maintaining the tough look.

Hear me. Safety isn’t a topic you’d like to bring up, but it’s vital. Accidents can happen. Some vests feature pockets to store armor inserts. Like having your personal guardian within.

Vestville is the final stop on our journey. You should always remember that it is not the price tag, or even the brand of the vest that matters. It is how YOU feel when you zip up this leather biker jacket.

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