The underdog plants with a heroic future in Sustainability and Wellbeing

Oh, hemp cannabis! The plant kingdom’s Swiss Army Knife, without the small, hard to use scissors. This green marvel is not new. In fact, it has been around since thousands of years. You won’t be high from it. Marijuana is its cousin. Hemp has a lot of CBD and not much hemp derived thc.

Let’s first talk about clothing. You can even wear hemp! Those fibers may seem scratchy, but they are actually incredibly cozy and sturdy. Imagine jeans so durable that your phone’s tech becomes outdated before your pants. What about sails? The word “canvas,” which is literally “cannabis,” comes from this plant. Sailors had a good idea long before we began blending hemp with our smoothies.

Hemp seeds, a great addition to smoothies and other foods. Omega-3s? Check. Protein? Yep. Just sprinkle a bit of sugar on top of your breakfast bowl, and you are golden.

It’s also good for Mother Earth. This plant does not require much–minimal amounts of water and pesticides are unnecessary (take that, insects! The plant is a great contributor to soil health by cleaning contaminated areas and improving soil quality.

Over the years, hemp has been in a state of legal confusion because it was difficult to distinguish from its psychoactive relative. New laws made hemp legal again in 2018. From eco-friendly health supplements to packaging, we are seeing a flurry of new products.

It’s here that things start to get bumpy. Hemp isn’t for the faint of heart. Market prices can be as volatile as a cat on an aluminized roof. There are also some folks who have a negative opinion of hemp.

Innovation hasn’t been put on the back burner. Scientists are working hard to create better strains with higher CBD or fiber content, while other researchers are trying to figure out the most efficient way to squeeze out every last bit of goodness.

What will happen to our green friend next? Well, if you play your cards right – respecting both the history and potential of this planet – we’ll be looking at a world where sustainability isn’t just a trendword, but a real thing. Where our clothes won’t cost us the earth (literally), where our morning breakfast smoothie will have more to it than just taste.

Hemp may be a small plant, but it is powerful. Hemp reminds us that the best ideas often come from humble roots.

Now, let’s introduce hemp: the historical underdog who has become a modern hero. May we use it wisely, eat well and grow even better.