The World’s Most Bizarre Weight Loss Plans: Dining with Tapeworms

Oh, what a wild and crazy world diets can be! Every stall is like a carnival, where you’re promised the moon for eating this and not that. Let’s look at weird diets some of the strangest eating plans, which have left people scratching their head, or even running away.

The Cookie Diet is the first thing we will discuss. Sounds dreamy, right? Who wouldn’t love to live off cookies? It’s not a cookie buffet. You’ll be eating special cookies to help curb your appetite. This crunchy diet was designed to help people lose weight. It did this by restricting calories and keeping cravings away with magic biscuits. Spoiler alert! Surviving on cookies may sound delicious, but your nutritionist will probably give you a side-eye.

There’s also the Baby Food Diet, which is something out of a nursery song. Imagine adults swapping steak for mashed potatoes and pea puree. It was intended to reduce calories by eating baby food in tiny jars instead of regular meals and snacks. Celebs have reportedly joined this trend in an attempt to lose weight. Let’s face it–scooping mushy, squishy carrots as your friends dig into pizza is not a good idea. Most of us would pass on that.

The Caveman Diet, or Paleo as it is called, promises to bring you back to the roots. Think meat, fruit, nuts and vegetables; anything that a caveman would hunt or gather. Modern food is said to be the cause of all evil, or at least health problems. So why not eat as our ancestors did? Many dietitians believe that while cutting back on processed food is a good idea, dumping whole grains completely is not.

The Breatharian diet is something that’s truly unique. It’s just as it sounds: you live on air…and sunshine…and vibrations? Some claim that if you use the correct breathing and meditation techniques, then who needs food? The science is loudly in disagreement. This is not only weird, but also dangerous.

Who could forget about the Blood Type Diet! This diet is based on the idea that you should eat differently depending on your blood type. This is a great idea to personalize nutrition, until you realize that there are few studies supporting these claims.

The tapeworm diet is the last but certainly not least appealing in terms of its appeal. This one is not for the faint of heart: you deliberately infect yourself with parasites to see if they can eat your entire dinner before your weight increases. It’s not only gross, but it is also dangerous for your health.

These diets are not just a bit bizarre, but they also serve as a reminder to those who want to achieve their health or weight loss goals that there is no need for shortcuts. At least, none of them involve cookies or tapeworms.

Next time someone tries to sell you the latest diet craze with its odd tricks, take a step back. Maybe reach for an actual apple. If eating plans were rated like movies based on their sanity, these would be horror films! Keep things simple, but satisfying. And always use common sense. It might not be glamorous, but it sure beats eating with tapeworms.