Humorously demystifying AI tools

Now let’s jump into AI without any of the technical jargon. You’re having a conversation with friends about AI, instead of the weather and the sports scores. This may seem like an nerdfest but I promise it will be fun. You can get the best guide about popular ai tools in this site.

GPT-3, by OpenAI is first. It’s like that one friend you have who has a bit of knowledge about all things. Ask them a simple question and they will answer it in such an interesting and detailed way, you’ll wonder if Wikipedia is installed on their brain. GPT-3 has the ability to write jokes, essays and even poetry, making it the Shakespeare for AI.

TensorFlow, by Google. TensorFlow can paint masterpieces without using any paint. This is for anyone who wants to make something from raw data, like predicting the movie that you’ll watch on Netflix next weekend.

IBM Watson, on the other hand, is like that trivial expert who knows all the answers. But rather than being annoyed with its cleverness, companies love it as it allows them to better understand data in order to make more informed decisions. Watson’s insight covers everything, from health diagnoses and market trends.

AutoML is a Google Cloud service. You’ve probably tried making a fancy meal, but ended up with something that was barely edible. AutoML will save your digital culinary disasters. By automating complicated recipe-like algorithm, even beginners can produce something delectable. It’s effective.

Last but not least, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a must-have (yes they are showing off). This is like chatting with a person who’s never bored. You can use it to help you write an email that doesn’t sound awkward or come up with bedtime stories on the spot for your kids.

What’s the point? Think of these as tools similar to kitchen appliances, only they are used for the creation of tomorrow’s innovation. Sometimes you may only need a GPT-3 blender, and other times a TensorFlow food processor. It’s important to remember that having all these tools at your fingertips can make you the Gordon Ramsay or tech of today, even if you are still a novice.

I’ll put it this way: these AI tools can give us superpowers, but we don’t have to be struck by lightning or bitten by an radioactive spider. If we can learn to properly use these tools, they will make life easier for us and improve our productivity.

It’s not likely that you will become Tony Stark over night, but at the very least knowing these tools can help to make your tech savvy status a reality. Although you may not be able to become Tony Stark over night, at least knowing how to use these apps will help you have a more interesting conversation.

The next time that you are lost and trying to choose an AI program, keep in mind there may be a list of AI tools. You never know. Who knows? You may find your digital fairies waiting to add some magic high-tech to your projects. Open your eyes and minds because this is going to be a ride.